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Benjamin “Benny” Ausmus

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Delivering outstanding results in your business through strategic consulting, profiling, planning and training.

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Benjamin “Benny” Ausmus

The Esplanade St Kilda


Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching
Behavioral profiling, Tailored solutions, High performance team workshops, Team and leadership profiling, Leadership Development programs, Cultural change facilitation, Decision frameworks, Public Speaking, Sales and Marketing training, Communication workshops, Presentation training, Futurism.

After leaving university psychology 10 years ago, one big question has fueled the journey so far….

How can we create ideal business and social environments?

Through working across 10 industries collecting hands on experience and studying the most effective methodologies from the very best we bring you Thought Dynamics.

Using powerful and flexible frameworks, we now offer tailored solutions for organizations to meet a range of challenges from business development & leadership training to cultural change and team building.

I am looking forward to discussing your challenges with you in real terms with outstanding, tangible results guaranteed.

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TD Licensed consultant, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, ICG Associate Member, Personal Trainer. Over 40 Workshops and training courses (and counting) in Sales and marketing, Communication, Leadership and Personal development.
Psychology & Business management Murdoch University. Thought Dynamics Chairman.

We are committed to delivering best in market value, yes the education never ends, and yes, we love it.

For us, it is of the utmost importance, both personally and professionally, to stay on the cutting edge of profiling, development and training methodology.

Through attending constant trainings and workshops we tailor, and facilitate the most effective and relevant content available and deliver it through an enjoyable & memorable facilitation style.

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from Sash Raniga
Senior Financial planner - Commonwealth Bank , Melbourne.

Through working with Benjamin I have gained clarity and purpose around communication that I was not previously aware of.

This has translated into higher levels of conversion in business and more fulfilling relationships with the people around me.

I have no hesitation in referring clients to Benjamin as I have experienced his work first hand - Outstanding.

More about Benjamin “Benny” Ausmus

As an owner and operator of several businesses, I understand the challenges that many of us face.

It sometimes feels like there is never enough time and cash flow to sit and hear out the facts and indicators of your businesses health and development.

At times it can seem very difficult to see what is really going on in the game when you are so busy looking the details in the middle.

My role as a consultant, coach and trainer is to plan your outcomes with you and employ the most effective methodology available to assist you in making these outcomes and goals a reality.

Having seen so many development programs within the industry in detail, I can safely say that the insights you will hear and training you will experience with Thought Dynamics is second to none.

Whether you operate a team of 5 or 5000 - I recommend take the time to sit down with a Thought Dynamics consultant to assess the team and leadership strengths and stretches, and to get a hold on exactly where it will take you.

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from Helen
Independent business Owner/Operator, Sydney.

I have just finished a course with Benjamin Ausmus and Thought Dynamics.

The team were great, they know their stuff, I have done lots of courses but these guys have come down to the nitty gritty and are actually relating it to what we do, Thank you

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